Roster validation

If you have been directed to this page, that means that we need updated or corrected information for a player/coach that you have registered.

Why?  Well the short answer USA Lacrosse has changed the way and what information is needed to validate a membership.

What are we validating, that each player and/or coach has a USL Member ID number that is not expired,  or does not expire until the end of our season.

Why, do we validate rosters ?  The Milford Lacrosse Foundation participates in USA Lacrosse 100% player and coach membership to provide our players and the MLF with insurance coverage for all events that we participate in or hold (home games, practice, and CSN)

If you are not sure of what this info is, here is a link that will let you check it for yourself BEFORE submitting this form.
USA Lacrosse member lookup


Roster Validation

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This email address MUST be what was used for your US Lacrosse Registration, not necessarily your Milford Lacrosse Registration in all cases.
Zip Code(Required)
Needs to match your USA Lacrosse account.