The Barn

Looking for information about “The Barn”? Then you are in the right place.

The Barn is located at.

5554 Mt. Zion Rd. Milford, Oh 45150

Parking Reminders

  1. The Barn is on private property adjacent to Meadowview Elementary.
  2. Parking for The Barn is at Meadowview Elementary, this includes drop off/pick up. 
  3. It has been requested that the private driveway to The Barn is NOT used for drop off/pick up or parking.
  4. There is a gravel path through the tree line from Meadoview’s driveway to The Barn.
  5. When parking at Meadowview, please park in a marked parking space. Not in the driveway or in the grass.


  1. This is private property and a privilege that can be revoked at any time. Treat it better than your own house.
  2. All play/practice time must be scheduled in advance.
  3. To participate in any Barn activities YOU MUST complete The Barn waiver.
  4. Get Registered
  5. Clean up after yourself – leave the field better then you found it.
  6. No garbage – any food items go with you/Gatorade or water cups need to be in garbage cans.
  8. Last person out turn off the lights. 

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