CUP CLUB 2024!!

To Join, Venmo @Milford-Lacrosse with *Cup Club-Your Name* in the memo. 2 for $50 or 1 for $35!

Question You May Have About Cup Club 2024

  1. Why Cup Club?
    1. When we played sports, our parents always said they wish they got to know ALL the parents earlier in the season. They realized there were so many wonderful people, and once people finally got to know each other, the season was over. Picture this, you are at Miami Hills Swim and Tennis. It’s the first couple weeks of the pool season, you are awkward and just seeing sun for the first time in months, you stay to your own table with the people you come with. Finally, people get to know other members at the pool, you’re sharing tables, your new best friend Suzy is taking your child off the diving board, you’re ordering Butterbees catering for the group, you and your family are laughing having a blast, then the next week the pool is closed. You now don’t see your new friends for the whole Fall/Winter and start all over again next summer. Say no to starting over!!!
  2. Who is Cup Club for?
    1. Literally, everyone. Your elderly neighbors who are looking for community, your aunt in Minnesota that wants to FaceTime in (we will mail her #CCSWAG), parents from the K-2 team that will be together for the next 10 years, your friend whose daughter plays soccer and would never touch a lacrosse stick in a million years. Your son’s 4th grade teacher. Anyone is welcome.
  3. What is the Cost?
    1. For a limited time founding members can join Cup Club for 2 for $50 or 1 for $35. You are locked into this rate!! Cup Club is an annual membership you can choose to renew, or not. Each year the custom cup will change, as well as other swag that comes with the cup. Your rate will not change. You must act fast because Founding spots are LIMITED. The rates will increase and change each year for non-founding members.
  4. Why the cost?
    1. Your membership fee is a donation to the program. With the fun events and perks, you are also a sponsor of the girl’s lacrosse program. We have decided to put in to host for more turf games. We have curated, procured, and designed what we think, is an epic custom player pack for each girl (4 total items each!!). We chose not to increase registration fees, so this is where we need to fill in the gaps to help support the amazing things we have planned. If we want more tournaments, events, and swag, and to GROW bigger and bigger, why not create a fun way to support our girls. If you’re like me, and lost your lucky Irish coin, you can only handle losing so many random drawings. This helps EVERYONE get something for their donation.
  • How do I join??
    • Venmo @Milford-Lacrosse include *Cup Club-Your Name* in the memo line
    • You can write a check to Milford Lacrosse Foundation also and join at the UC tailgate March 3rd, or at the first CC 2024 event, March 6th.
  • How do I get my SWAG?
    • The first official Cup Club event will be held March 6th at 6:30 at Talons, aka Cup Club HQ aka CCHQ!
    • We will also have CC items available at the UC tailgate on March 3rd
  • What do I get when I join?
    • The recognition of your family being a founding member and sponsor of the 2024 season.
    • The official 2024 Cup Club custom cup
    • Milford Lacrosse CC2024 car magnet
    • Custom CC2024 carboard drink sleeve to protect your paws from any hot drinks you choose.
    • Exclusive events and deals at local Milford businesses. CC member perks will be announced via social media so make sure to follow @laxmilford on Instagram and Milford Lacrosse Foundation on Facebook. They will launch and be gone the same day, so make sure to stay tuned!!

Milford is a community filled with great families, people, and support. This is a time to build community, core memories for us and our children, and to give everyone a place to go.

You belong here, you can sit with us.

Go Eagles!

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