CSN Starts Sunday January 8th

CSN Starts Sunday January 8th

Preseason practice is set to start next Sunday for those who have registered.
We will have the 2 netted fields in the back corner of CSN.
Please be on time, which means early, and in “full gear” when it is your time to start.

Bring your own water, the water fountain is too far.

Parents, please reach out if you have any questions between now and then
See those of you who registered next week
Still some spaces available

You can Still – REGISTER HERE

This year we have times set a little different based on space & #’s

Please double check your time


K-4 6pm-7pm

5/6 7pm-8pm

7/8 8pm-9pm



K2 6pm-7pm

3/4 7pm-8pm

5/6 8pm-9pm


  1. I have registered my 2 boys (Langston and Satchel Pullins) for lacrosse. Due to sickness both of the training weekends, we have been unable to come. Are they able to come this Sunday, and if so, what is considered “full gear?” and possibly the best place to get it. I know nothing about the sport.

    Thank you, Chasity Pullins

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